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ActorXImport 0.4b release (update 2)

2012-04-04 09:00

As requested, the new version of ActorXImport supports Maya 2012 and adds some minor features I had lying around for quite some time now.

Update: Maya 2012 support broke some stuff, so 0.4a is a quick hotfix release mainly to address these issues.

Update 2: Fixes the reversed normals (finally ;)) and an unloading bug introduced with the last hotfix.

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Comment by qwaser | 2012-04-18

Hi all
Super site

Comment by Isaac Peral | 2012-04-23

Hello friend.
Were you able to solve the issue of vectors?

Comment by Colin | 2012-11-05

Once again fantastic. every day material content I was doing, and this is just. %))

Comment by free shoutbox | 2012-11-09

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Comment by Samuel | 2013-02-07

Was sent by google. I am glad I came thanks for the information %))

Comment by jo | 2013-05-06

how to use psa files for maya?
after import a psa file, it seems nothing happens for me.

Comment by Jan-Felix Wall | 2013-05-07

Hi jo,
If nothing happens, check your script output for errors and warnings. To import a psa file, you first have to import a corresponding mesh file (psk) and select the root joint of the imported mesh (there also is an option in the importer settings to do that). I hope this helps.