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old stuff

These are some examples of my very early 3d modeling. Sadly, my very first models that where still done in MilkShape got lost over the years, so these are some of the first models of my Lightwave era.

They're all game models themed around the historic airship "Hindenburg", intended for a mod project I was planning back in the time. In the beginning, the project had actually been planned as a mod for the original Half-Life, but the possible detail was quite unsatisfying and so I decided to look for a newer engine and start all over with more "next-gen" poly counts. I had already evaluated some engines when Half-Life 2 was officially announced for the first time and since it looked quite promising, I decided to stick with Valve's technology.

The airship

The HindenburgThis artistic version of the Hindenburg was based on photo references and some rough diagrams from books and is not to be mistaken with the historically correct version I planned and started modeling for the "LZ129 Hindenburg" project mentioned in my CV. It actually was the second version I did of the airship and while the first one was done in MilkShape (and intended for the Half-Life 1 Engine), this was one of the first models I created in Lightwave.

Hindenburg furniture

I also created some pieces of furniture for the interior of the airship, starting with the ones for which I had good reference images. These where also the first models I actually imported into Source Engine to get used to the tools and to test proportions and physics properties.

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